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Tabletop Table tennis games, PRO-HP-07, HP-07, HP-07

Tabletop Table tennis games, PRO-HP-07, HP-07, HP-07

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ZXMT Ping Pong Robot Automatic Table Tennis Robot Machine 36 Spins Ping-Pong Home Practicing Training Exercise


Ping pong robot can deliver 36 kinds of spinning ball, easy installation, no equipment, small and convenient to carry. Set up easy. Fill the serving machine set ball container with table tennis and hold approximately 110 ping-pong balls.(ping-pong balls no included.) the pingpong ball falling point is not fixed. You can generate top spin, backspin, as well as any combination of those and sidespin. Adjust the position of the machine according to your own preferences.

Spin the ball control:
1. Top rotation - the modulation is over 2, and the downward spin is 1. The ball sent by HUI PANG will rotate upward.
2. Downward spiral --- modulation is 1, lower rotation is more than 2. The ball sent by HUI PANG will be sent downward.
3. No rotation - the same number will be rotated in the modulation, and the ball sent out by HUI PANG will not rotate.
More points to the ball.The swing frequency is moderated from left to right.

Rated voltage:100V-240V
Rated power:36W
Arc adjust:7 angle setting
Ball speed:4-40M/S
Ball out frequency:40-70/ minutes(The frequency of the ball will be adjusted from left to right from left to right)
Spin direction:2 wheels drive (multi-spin, up and down, right and left)
Swing frequency:0-5 level swing speed adjust
Out-ball frequency:0-5 level can be adjusted
Ball switch:Short ball/long ball switch
Package size:41*36*32CM

Package Include:
1 x Table Tennis Robots

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πŸ“ HP-07 Automatic table tennis machine has 36 different spin balls for training, it will accommodate about 110 table tennis | πŸ“ Intelligent design ping pong robot machine with 36 different spin balls, swing frequency is 0-5 level swing speed adjust, out-ball frequency is 0-5 level can be adjusted for training | πŸ“ Ping pong machine it will accommodate about 110 table tennis, the balls size is international standard 1.57''/40mm, more larger capacity table tennis machine | πŸ“ Automatic ping pong ball machine to configure the remote control, it can generate top spin, backspin, sidespin, as well as any combination of those, better operate the use of various functions | πŸ“ Table tennis robot fits all standard ping-pong tables, even the most advanced players along with beginners will get a great workout
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