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poker Table tops, Green,

poker Table tops, Green,

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Yilio Dawn Green Poker Table Cover - for Round Tables Between 36" - 48" - with Drawstring


Yilio Dawn Green Poker Table Cover

Your durable poker tablecloth is made from high quality, soft to the touch, 100% velvet polyester. It will not stretch or slide around on the table. This cover will provide protection for the top playing surface of your table.

This round poker table cover is great to use with a variety of games. Your cover will shield your table from damage while you play games such as; Poker, Bridge, Canasta, Mahjong, Dominoes and many other dice, card or tile games.

Easy to Care For
Keeping your heavy duty cover on your table for extra protection while playing games, will extend the life of your table. You can use a lint roller to pick up any dust or debris. It is machine washable and can be washed on delicate at 30ºC. Your tablecloth can be hung to dry.

Quality Fit
Your cover is sized for 36" to 48" round standard tables. The adjustable drawstring will help keep your cover taut throughout your gaming experience.

Many Benefits
Owning this poker table cover comes with many different types of benefits. Some of these benefits include; quick and easy setup, portability, helps prevent scratches on your tabletop and is machine washable. This cover also muffles noise such as dice rolling on the table and it gives an authentic feel of an actual poker table.

What's Included?
1 x Green Poker Table Cover

Your easy to clean poker table cover can be used while playing many different board, card or dice games. | To use, simply place your cover over the round table and adjust it so that the edges fit around the table properly. Then use the included drawstring and tighten it to the poker table by tying it tightly around the tabletop. | Your heavy duty green poker table cover is made from durable 100% velvet polyester fabric. | This card table cover has an adjustable drawstring that can be gathered as tight as you want around the table. | Your tablecloth for round tables fit between 36" - 48" tables.
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