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electronic handheld games, 195570015452,

electronic handheld games, 195570015452,

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Arcade1UP Mortal Kombat Countercade 3 Games in 1


Producing some of the hottest arcade games of all-time, Midway’s innovative leaps in live action digitizing technology led to Mortal Kombat, recognized as one of the most important titles in video game history. With its over the top darkly humorous gameplay and finishing moves, Mortal Kombat became an instant franchise with iconic characters and enduring catchphrases. From Scorpion to Sub-Zero to Kitana, this is the game franchise that brought over-the-top (and often, darkly hilarious) fighting moves to the masses, in their full digitized glory. Now, Arcade1Up is thrilled to release this Mortal Kombat Countercade, with a form factor that captures the iconic look of the original arcade cabinet! Perfect for home bars, offices, dorm rooms or anywhere else you’d want to squeeze in some retrogaming, Arcade1Up Countercades are fully assembled right out of the box. Compact in size, but tremendous in fun. FINISH HIM! Uppercut your way into this Countercade that includes the original Mortal Kombat, and fatally fantastic sequels Mortal Kombat II and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. All included, all a your fingertips, all play just like how you remember them. With authentic gameplay, a vibrant, crisp 8” screen, and full size real-feel arcade controls. Arcade1Up Countercades are THE way to bring that classic arcade experience home, even if you’re short on space. Now that’s some major counter appeal!Countercade form factor that captures the iconic original arcade look of Mortal Kombat | Full size real-feel arcade controls | Vibrant 8” screen | Includes 3 classic Mortal Kombat games | Coinless operation
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