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combination game Table, Pink Zebra, Slim

combination game Table, Pink Zebra, Slim

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PartyPong Slim 8-Foot Folding Beer Pong Table w/HEXCUPs, Pong Balls, and Triangle Decals - Pink Zebra Edition


Since 2006, KPi Entertainment has been manufacturing and selling PartyPong beer pong tables to shoppers looking for high quality materials, stylish design, and functionality at affordable prices. PartyPong tables can be used as a tailgate table, camping table, folding table, portable table, classroom table, table for birthday parties, PartyPong beer pong table and event table. PartyPong beer pong tables are well-constructed and have undergone many improvements over the years. The table frame is made of brushed anodized aluminum providing rigidity, but also allowing the pong table to be lightweight and portable. Each tabletop panel is 4mm MDF with a melamine laminate which makes the surface scratch and water resistant. The folding legs have been designed to extend and retract with ease and the straight cross braces ensure optimal balance and sturdiness.This SLIM-Sized PINK ZEBRA PartyPong Beer Pong Table Includes: (22) HEXCUPS, (9) PartyPong Balls, and (2) Vinyl Triangle Stickers | Each table is ULTRA-Portable, Folding, Scratch-Resistant, Sturdy, Lightweight, and Affordable. | 2 Vinyl Triangle Stickers included that can help designate cup placement if wanted. Table easily folds into a carrying case w/ locking latch & handles. | Attached foam pong ball holder under the table w/ (6) PartyPong balls. High quality ABS pong balls have excellent bounce. | PartyPong Pong Tables are the HIGHEST-REVIEWED & best-selling pong tables online! PartyPong has been manufacturing and selling pong tables since 2006. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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