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Collection: DIY Poker Table


A poker table is an essential piece of furniture for anyone who enjoys playing card games, particularly poker. With the right design, size, and features, a poker table can provide a comfortable and functional space for hours of gaming enjoyment.


DIY Poker Table

When considering a poker table, the first decision to make is the shape. As mentioned in the previous section, oval, round, and octagonal tables are the most common options. The choice will depend on personal preference and the available space in the room. It's important to make sure that there is enough room for players to sit comfortably and move around the table.

The size of the table is another important consideration. A standard poker table is about 8 feet long and 4 feet wide, with a height of 30 inches. However, smaller or larger tables can be built to suit specific needs. A larger table will provide more space for players, while a smaller table may be more suitable for a smaller room or fewer players.

The material of the table is also an important consideration. The most common material for a poker table is wood, which is sturdy and durable. Other options include metal, glass, and plastic. Some people prefer to use a combination of materials, such as a wooden table with a glass top.

The surface of the table is another important consideration. The ideal surface for a poker table is one that is smooth, even, and provides a good grip for cards and chips. Felt is the most common choice for a poker table surface, as it is soft, durable, and provides a good grip. Other options include speed cloth, which is faster and more durable than felt, and suede, which provides a luxurious feel.

In addition to the basic design and materials of the table, there are also several features that can be added to enhance the gaming experience. These include cup holders, chip trays, and a padded rail. Cup holders are essential for keeping drinks and snacks off the playing surface and preventing spills. Chip trays provide a convenient place to store chips during the game, while a padded rail provides a comfortable place to rest arms and elbows during long gaming sessions.

A poker table can be purchased from a furniture store or online retailer, or it can be built as a DIY project. Building a poker table is a fun and rewarding project that can provide a unique and personalized gaming experience. With the right tools, materials, and instructions, anyone can create a custom poker table that fits their individual style and needs.

In conclusion, a poker table is an important piece of furniture for anyone who enjoys playing card games. With the right design, size, and features, a poker table can provide a comfortable and functional space for hours of gaming enjoyment. Whether purchased from a store or built as a DIY project, a poker table is a valuable investment for anyone who loves to play poker and other card games.



DIY poker table kit

A DIY poker table kit is a convenient and cost-effective way to build a custom poker table, providing all the necessary materials and instructions in one package.

How to make a poker table out of an old table

It's possible to repurpose an old table into a poker table by adding a padded rail, a felt or speed cloth surface, and cup holders and chip trays if desired.

Poker table build plans

Poker table build plans provide a detailed set of instructions and a materials list for building a custom poker table, including the necessary tools and measurements.

Poker table for sale

Yes, Foosball Gaming offers a variety of poker tables for sale with various features and designs to choose from.

How to build a poker table with

To build a poker table from scratch, you will need tools such as a jigsaw, drill, and staple gun, as well as materials such as wood, foam padding, and felt or speed cloth for the playing surface.